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Mar 26, 2018

This is the first is a series of interviews with Jenn Fleischer. If you’re not familiar with Jenn, she has a laundry list of credentials in the world of nutrition, food science, and wellness coaching. She is also a certified diabetes educator. Jenn definitely has the credentials to make our conversation on today’s show truly meaningful.
What are we going to focus on with Jenn? The purpose of this episode if to provide some perspective on her story and to set the stage for the upcoming episodes that she'll be featured on. Today, we talk about our relationship with food. 
Food is a complicated topic, whether it’s the basic nutrition questions we all have, what diet is best for us, the psychology associated with food, and the issues go on and on. What Jenn is hoping to do today is raise our internal awareness of these issues, and ultimately understand how we can make peace with our own food issues while fueling ourselves for our lifestyles.
We talk disordered eating, restriction, food addiction, being honest with ourselves, finding peace with food, and mindful eating.
As you’ll hear in our conversation, Jenn pulled back the curtains on some issues that I am having with food. I know there’s a ton of take-homes in our conversation for you to question your own potential issues with food and nutrition.